Function Overview


bridge offers premade interactive slides. The conversation becomes an invigorating dialogue which positively influences the purchase decision. Data is collected when participants use our interactive tools. It is also possible to upload PDF files in bridge and edit them with your customer.

Digital Signature

Thanks to bridge Premium applications, contracts, and documents that need to be signed never have to be printed out and signed by hand again. You can obtain the digital signature during an on-site appointment or during an online consultation. Therefore we use the market-leading software InSign. The signature is legally secure, DSGVO-compliant, and TÜV tested.

Automatic Documentation

In bridge you never have to write anything down by hand during your customer meeting in order to digitize it afterwards. bridge automatically documents the consultation for you – this saves time and resources. In bridge Premium you can digitally sign the documented conversation and send it to your customers. This also reinforces transparency.

Customer Management

Numerous functions of a classic CRM system for customer management are directly integrated in bridge. You can easily save data and documents for planned and completed appointments. It is also possible to create a digital customer file – including the integration of all information. This is how target-oriented digitization works with bridge.

Basic Financial Analysis in Accordance with DIN 77230

bridge enables comprehensive customer consultations as the first video consultation software with an integrated basic financial analysis in accordance with DIN 77230 – certified by Defino. Take advantage of digital financial analysis and reduce your workload for data collection, follow-ups, and data storage. With an automatically generated report, you complete every consultation according to DIN 77230 comprehensively and professionally.

Recording with the MiFID-Recorder

34f brokers can record and save their consultations on financial investment products in the video consultation software. This works because of the in bridge integrated MiFID recorder which is easy to use and in compliance with the law. The audio recording takes place directly in bridge and is synchronized with your MiFID account. There is no need for a parallel phone call with the customer.