Automatic Documentation

Automatic Documentation

With bridge you never have to write something down by hand and digitize it afterwards. bridge does the documentation of all customer consultations automatically for you, regardless if you’re having an online or an on-site consultation. 


The automatic documentation ensures that everything that was shown or edited during the consultation is saved chronologically in a PDF file. The documentation is assigned automatically to the correct customer directly after the meeting and saved in the integrated customer file. Your customer has the opportunity to download the documentation as well. This ensures more transparency and trust in the consultant-client relationship.

Your Advantages with Automatic



Paperless solution

Save time

More transparency

for your customers

Clear and concise documentation

What the Documentation Contains

Presented Slides

All the slides that you presented during the consultation will be included in the documentation. However, skipped slides will not be recorded to ensure accuracy.

Customer Data

The dual-touch function, interactive slides, and forms enable quick & easy digital data collection with your customers during the consultation. The recorded data is displayed in the consultation documentation and also stored in the customer’s records.

Visited Links

All videos or websites shown are displayed as a link in the consultation documentation, so they can be accessed at any time.

Changes to PDFs

If you have marked or drawn something in a PDF file during the online consultation, it will be included in the consultation documentation.


If you have inserted a drawing slide during the digital consultation, the drawings and notes will be included in the documentation.

Split Screen

During screen sharing, bridge enables you to capture a screenshot of the shared screen in the consultation documentation with the “Save screenshot in the consultation documentation” function at the bottom right of the screen.

Automatic Documentation available with bridge Basic


  • More transparency in the customer-consultant relationship
  • Clear documentation
  • Save time with data management