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We are excited that you are interested in a career opportunity with us. As a leading provider of innovative solutions in the technology industry, we are committed to creating an environment where talented individuals can thrive and make a difference.

Our Values

Just like a good cocktail, our corporate values also depend on a balanced mixture and a bit of flair. Through our values, we want to give our employees the opportunity to develop their full potential. From a refreshing “Clear Communication” Aperol to a stimulating “Proactive Beer” and a sweet and sour “Constructive Criticism” Martini, each of our signature cocktails represents one of our core values. Our cocktails are a fun and creative way to express our commitment to excellence, collaboration and innovation and celebrate our team members and their achievements.


What’s your favourite cocktail? Join our team and find out which mix best embodies your personal values and style.

think ahead

In our company, we believe that clear and open communication is the key to success. We value the ability to listen actively, express ourselves clearly and work together effectively to achieve common goals. We also believe in the importance of conscious planning – setting clear goals, identifying potential obstacles and developing strategies to overcome challenges.

own & improve

We believe that taking responsibility is essential to building confidence and success. We encourage our team members to take responsibility for their work, to proactively identify and address problems, and to learn from mistakes in order to continuously improve. Furthermore, we believe in the power of motivating others to reach their full potential. We value empathy, positivity and a growth mindset and strive to create a culture that fosters collaboration, learning and development.

learn from each other

We believe in the importance of active listening, sharing resources and asking questions as key drivers of innovation and growth. We value diverse perspectives and encourage our team members to actively listen to others, seek out new ideas and be open to feedback.

be reliable

We consider punctuality, reliability and proactivity as key factors for our success. We believe in the importance of meeting deadlines, showing up on time and taking the initiative to identify and solve potential problems before they occur. By living these values, we can create a culture of accountability and excellence where our team members can trust each other to deliver exceptional results and have a positive impact.

be appreciative

We believe that support, positive reinforcement and constructive criticism are essential to building a strong and supportive team. We value empathy, kindness and respect and encourage our team members to support each other in achieving their goals, celebrate their successes and give them constructive feedback so they can grow and improve.

Our Teams

Human Resources 

As part of our People & Culture team, you are an organisational talent, strategist and feel-good manager all in one. Together with your colleagues, you create a positive working environment in which our team can develop freely. Whether it’s recruiting, personnel administration or planning the next team event, the work in the HR department has many facets.


Team Growth 

One team, one goal.

Starting with the first touchpoint with our sales team, continuing with the support of our CSM and user engagement team, or lovingly designed sales stories from our design team, the users are always at the centre of our attention.

Thanks to the open structures, everyone in the team has the opportunity to contribute according to their strengths, yet never loses sight of the big picture.



Your heart beats for IT and you want to develop a product with added value? No problem with bridge! Our interactive advisory & sales platform helps to conduct advisory meetings digitally, remotely and interactively and thus bring people together. As a developer, you have a significant influence on the (further) development of our product and exciting challenges promote your personal development. In the team itself, you can rely on good communication and sufficient expertise to accompany you on your way.


4 Steps to Your Dream Job


Become Active 

Please send us your CV and, if possible, a letter of motivation by e-mail. As soon as we have received your documents, you will receive a confirmation of receipt.


First Contact

If your application meets our requirements, we look forward to getting to know you better in an initial telephone conversation. Here you will meet our People & Culture Manager Nicole.



If you were convincing in the first interview, the next step is to meet the relevant department and get to know the team.

Depending on the position and location, this can be a video call or a personal interview spread over 2-3 appointments.



After the interviews, we will make a decision and make you an official offer.

Then all you have to do is say yes 🙂


with bridge

Young, dynamic team with start-up spirit

Our team is international and loves to face the challenges that start-up life brings.

workplace: Villa on the Elbe

Unique office space and a great view directly onto the Elbe invite you to come to the office as well as your colleagues.

Flat hierarchy

We are convinced of clear and short communication and meet at eye level.

Team events

Whether remote or on-site, we regularly come up with events to bring our team even closer together.

Flexible working hours

Thanks to remote and flexible working, you have the possibility to combine work and private life in the best possible way.

Diverse tasks and development areas

Thanks to agile processes, we never stand still and give our team the opportunity to actively drive their personal development.

Are you looking for a dynamic and innovative company where you can advance your personal and professional development? Then bridge is just the right thing for you! Still unsure? Then get in touch with our HR team and let’s clarify any unanswered questions together.

Nicole Böhme

Nicole Böhme

People & Culture Manager