for insurance and financial agents

Start now with Bridge & save 20% Code*: Start2020

*Enter code during registration, promotion is only valid for the Bridge Premium package in monthly and annual subscriptions, valid until 29.2.2020

for insurance and financial agents

Start now with Bridge & save 20% Code*: Start2020

*Enter code during registration, promotion is only valid for the Bridge Premium package in monthly and annual subscriptions, valid until 29.2.2020

for insurance and financial agents

Start now with Bridge & save 20% Code*: Start2020
*Enter code during registration, promotion is only valid for the Bridge Premium package in monthly and annual subscriptions, valid until 29.2.2020
Mann zeigt die Bridge Online Beratungssoftware auf einem Laptop

Double the number of your customer conversations. With Bridge – video consulting plus+

What are you waiting for?

Become a digital pioneer in the insurance and financial industries and inspire your clients with Bridge, the state of the art consulting software!

Mann zeigt die Bridge Online Beratungssoftware auf einem Laptop

Double the number of your customer conversations. With Bridge – video consulting plus+

What are you waiting for?

Become a digital pioneer in the insurance and financial industries and inspire your clients with Bridge, the state of the art consulting software!

Mann zeigt die Bridge Online Beratungssoftware auf einem Laptop

Double the number of your customer conversations. With Bridge – video consulting plus+

What are you waiting for?

Become a digital pioneer in the insurance and financial industries and inspire your clients with Bridge, the state of the art consulting software!

Bridge. Everything for insurance and financial sales in a single software package: customer management, appointment scheduling, creation of consulting content, digital contract signing and much more.

With Bridge, you can easily manage your customer consulting digitally or completely online and significantly increase the quality and efficiency of your sales processes.

Advantages of the software for insurance and financial agents

Icon Power Button - All in one software package

All in one software solution

From the administration of your customer data and preparation of your consultation to the follow-up and documentation including digital signature – you can do everything conveniently in just one application.

Bridge is the all-in-one tool for online sales in the financial and insurance industries.


Icon Dokument unterschreiben - Digital Contract Conclusion

Digital Contract Conclusion

From the first customer contact to the signing of the contract, it is much faster and more efficient thanks to our software for financial and insurance brokers. Get one big step closer to a paperless sales approach. No more printing out documents and contracts for a signature or sending them by post.


Icon User mit Uhr - Conduct your consultations at home and on the road

Conduct consultations at home & on the road.

With Bridge, the web & cloud based software, you and your customers are always ready to engage in consultation session, wherever you are, thanks to the cloud library. Whether from the comfort of your home or on the road, digital customer communication is simple and stress-free.


Icon Geldmünzen - Selling through interaction.

Selling through interaction.

Your customers don’t want just any service. With Bridge you can prepare an individual presentation for each customer in no time at all. Let your customer draw & make notes themselves. Increase your power of persuasion and create a clear competitive advantage.


Icon Dokument - Automatic documentation

Automatic documentation

Never again need to manually type up your consultation’s protocol after each appointment. Our software documents your consulting contents including all notes and drawings, entirely in an automated manner. The documentation can be digitally signed and sent via e-mail. Save time for your next client appointment.


Icon World Wide Web - No installation necessary

No installation necessary

Many communication tools must be installed on every device on which you want to use them. Not with Bridge! Both you and your clients benefit from our web-based, device-independent solution – without any installation! Your customers do not need an account. Simply start your appointment at any time.

Digital consulting – persuade your clients face-to-face! This is what the Bridge consulting software for insurance & finance offers.


All you need for insurance & financial consulting in one software package

Customer administration

Bridge is a web-based sales software for digital customer service and management. That means it works without installing the software, simply via your browser. So you can use Bridge on your laptop in the office and on the tablet while you are on the road with your customers. Also your customers, who you invite to a consultation via Bridge, do not have to install anything in advance and do not need an account with Bridge themselves. All you need to do before the meeting is send an e-mail with the access link to the consultation interface. The online consultation of your customer can start immediately.

Bridge is also cloud-based. This means that all customer data and your documents are stored securely and DSGVO-compliant in the cloud, on German servers. You can access required data and documents from anywhere and at any time.

With the Bridge consulting software for the finance and insurance industry you are always and everywhere ready for your customer appointments.



A laptop and a tablet show the overview page of Bridge's consulting software. To the left is an enlarged section of the software overview page and below it the icons of the browsers Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge.

Bridge Premium

Since Bridge is designed as a sales software, many functions of a classic CRM system are directly integrated, so that the software also offers the possibility of customer management.
You can clearly store customer data and documents for planned and completed appointments. You can create a "digital file" for each of your customers, with basic data, appointments, contracts and documents. Documentations of your customer meetings are automatically stored when a consultation is completed. Even entries from forms and interactive slides in Bridge are transferred to the "digital customer file". Bridge works cloud-based, which enables you to access customer data and documents independent of device and location. With the Bridge software for insurance brokers and financial service providers you always have a 360° view of your customers.


Screen from the Bridge software. In the foreground is a symbol screen for a CRM system. This shows an icon with a user in the middle while icons like a speech bubble and a calendar are arranged in a circle.

Bridge Premium

With Bridge you can quickly and easily capture and store your customers' data. Create interactive forms in Bridge with the form generator (from Bridge Premium) and send them to your customers. Your customer fills out the form digitally and their details are automatically stored in the customer details in Bridge. Even during a customer meeting you can add information and data about your contact person directly in the customer details. All data is stored securely in the cloud and is available to you at all times on all end devices.

Bridge offers - in contrast to other providers - an integrated cloud library. This enables you to store all relevant consulting content and forms for your customer meetings directly in the digital consulting environment. You can access the data and documents in the cloud library at any time, regardless of device or location. You can easily upload your own content or create new customer presentations directly in Bridge. Our sales software already includes some basic elements and specific elements for financial and insurance brokers for free use. These include slides for greetings, for recording customer data and for obtaining feedback.


Screen from the cloud library in Bridge's consulting software with icons and the note that you can also create and upload your own content.

The invitation to an online consultation with Bridge can be sent to the participants by e-mail easily. This works directly within our software without the complicated integration of an e-mail client. The automatically generated invitation e-mail contains information about you, your logo, details about your customer and the planned appointment. The e-mail also contains the access link to the online consultation, which allows your customer to access the consultation interface with just one click.


Invitation for an online consultation with Bridge

Digital customer service

With Bridge, not only a 1-to-1 video chat between you and your customer is possible, but up to 8 participants can join a video conference.
It is also possible to add further participants to the video chat while the conversation is still in progress. For example, you can add a colleague as an expert on a specific topic during the consultation. If spouses are not in the same place at the time of the conversation, both can still participate in the appointment. Take maximum care of your clients' needs and offer the best service with Bridge insurance and financial software.


What does screen sharing mean? Simply put, it means that the screen window of one end device is transferred to the screen of another end device. This means that both users see the same content. Use this feature to show your conversation partner content that is outside the cloud library. For example, you can use screen sharing to fill out interactive PDF forms with your customer or work in MS Office programs. Furthermore, it is possible to surf together on any website via co-browsing. By means of screen sharing, you as a discussion leader can make content of any kind visible on your screen for the customer. To ensure the protection of your data, you only release a certain window.

An insurance broker and his client sit in front of your laptops in different places. During the online consultation with Bridge, the customer sees the screen of his advisor.

In Bridge, you direct the conversation with the customer and control what the customer sees at all times. You have the possibility to switch functions for your customer on or off (e.g. the drawing function). This means that your counterpart can only interact with your permission. In your role as a consultant you can also jump unnoticed between presentation slides or spontaneously insert a suitable new slide, look at customer details and add them if necessary.


While you are conducting a customer advisory service via Bridge, you can also use the integrated live text chat in addition to the video chat. Here you can exchange information such as e-mail address, customer number or web addresses, where input via the text chat is faster and more practical. Even in the event of technical problems with the microphone or audio output, you can still communicate via text chat and find faster solutions to these problems.

Screen of the Bridge consulting software during an online consultation with a live text chat.

Interactive presentations

Bridge already offers you a variety of ready-made interactive slides on which your customer can make entries independently. The consultation becomes more lively, your counterpart stays on the ball and feels more involved in the conversation. With the form generator in Bridge Premium you can convert specially created forms into interactive slides. That's how digital customer communication works!


Content for your digital customer service can be easily uploaded to Bridge and stored in the cloud library. This means that you can take these files with you anywhere and at any time for product presentations - the formats pdf, jpeg, png and gif are supported.
For each customer you can upload individual documents to Bridge and store them in the customer details. In order to show the contents afterwards, you do not need screen sharing, but simply integrate them into your presentation via Bridge.
Also the sending of documents is possible with Bridge Premium via e-mail without any problems.

Your customers rarely want a "08/15 consultation". Create individual and personalized presentations for your digital customer communication directly in Bridge. You can upload new documents and use all content from your cloud library. Create a presentation from individual documents and slides that is specifically tailored to the needs of your customer. Continue working across devices with ease, because all content is stored in the cloud. You can also include web and video slides in a presentation, which allow you to co-browse and interact on the same website.


On each presentation slide you can draw, mark and make notes during a consultation with Bridge. Use these functions to emphasize important aspects or to visualize facts additionally. Make your notes directly during the customer meeting and save time for follow-up work. You can insert blank whiteboard slides at any point during your presentation to draw freely on them or for extensive notes. You can also share all these functions with your customer. A modern customer service includes versatile interaction possibilities like these. With Bridge you can increase the attention of your conversation partner and enhance the success of your consultation.


Your customer expresses a spontaneous wish during the conversation or has a question that you can answer more easily with another slide? But this is not yet included in the current presentation? With Bridge you can change your consultation live, in real time and even without your customer noticing. Spontaneously add a new slide or document from the cloud library or upload new content from your computer and add it to your customer presentation. This allows you to respond optimally to customer needs and to conduct your conversation in a goal-oriented manner.

Paperless workflows

With Bridge, you will never again have to write anything down by hand during your customer meeting in order to digitize it afterwards. Bridge automatically takes over the documentation of your customer meeting for you. Recording your presentation and all added notes and drawings saves you a lot of time.
The documentation is available as a PDF document after the online consultation. With Bridge Premium you can also digitally sign it and send it to your customer. With our consulting software you save a lot of time and paper.


Bridge Premium

With Bridge Premium, applications, contracts and all documents that require a signature never have to be printed out and signed by hand again, neither by the client nor by you. You can obtain the digital signature during an appointment at the client's premises or during a conversation conducted entirely online. For this purpose we have integrated the market-leading software inSign into Bridge. This software is already being used successfully by many companies in the insurance and finance industry. The signature is absolutely legally secure, GDPR-compliant and TÜV-tested. This way you can create a modern customer experience with our online consulting software without media discontinuity.


Your browser does not support the video tag.

Bridge Premium

With this function in Bridge Premium you can easily send documents - without printing and postage costs, documents or forms - to your customer before, after or during the online consultation. You can send all documents that are already stored in the cloud library in Bridge or that you upload for sending (pdf, jpeg, png, gif).
You can also send your forms created in the software (Bridge Premium - form generator) by e-mail. With Bridge you can do this comfortably on the road or at home, because all documents are stored in the cloud library.

Bridge Premium

Forms are necessary in many places to obtain and document data and information from your customer. In Bridge you create individual forms that you can send to your customer by e-mail and even convert them into interactive presentation slides. Information from such a completed form is then directly transferred to the customer details.

Screen with the template for a new online form in the cloud library of Bridge's consulting software.

Bridge Business offers even more functions for businesses

Bridge can also be used as customer management software. However, we know that especially medium-sized and large companies already work with other CRM solutions. To ensure that data exchange in this case can take place without problems, we will create the appropriate interface according to your individual requirements.
So you can configure your customer data as well as information from a Bridge consultation with your respective CRM.

Statistics for the evaluation of consulting processes and sales activities in the team are provided directly and clearly in Bridge. As a consultant you can see how many customer meetings you have had in a certain period of time or as team leader how many online consultations each of your employees has made. For each consultation, the current status, the customer rating and the responsible consultant are listed. For optimal and efficient resource planning, there is also an overview of already planned meetings.

In the details, you will also find the exact course of a conducted customer meeting. Findings from this can be used, for example, to optimize your consulting processes and for internal training.


Screen of Bridge's consulting software with a diagram of customer meetings per month and an overview of customer feedback

As a manager in sales or customer service in the finance and insurance industry, you are usually responsible for coordinating several employees at the same time. In the user administration you can see all colleagues who use Bridge. You can assign each user certain roles and thus authorizations within the software. It is also possible to divide users into different groups, e.g. by sales region or current campaigns.
With Bridge as sales software, you always have an easy overview of your team and can therefore manage your employees efficiently.

Organization chart with a sales manager, who reports to three teams whose members fulfill different roles.

For business customers there is the possibility to purchase Bridge as a white-label solution and to design it in the company's own corporate design. The logo as well as the colors of our software can be adapted as desired. This also includes the personalized login screen for all employees. They then have the impression of working with an internal application rather than a third-party solution.

Screen of Bridge's consulting software, without the Bridge logo, with the indication that the logo can be customized there.

We at Bridge will be happy to visit you and your team and train you on software and digital and online consulting in general. A training day comprises approx. 6-8 hours in which we explore the most important functions of the software together with your employees. Our motto: Learning by doing. Let us work out the optimal training and onboarding concept for Bridge in your company together.

Great software has satisfied users


„I use Bridge mainly because as an entrepreneur I am constantly at the upper limit of my time possibilities. By using Bridge, I can easily keep more appointments in the same time and therefore it enables me to generate a higher turnover. This is a great advantage for my entrepreneurial development.“

Marco Förster

Head of Management, Direktion für Deutsche Vermögensberatung (DVAG), Schöneiche

„With Bridge the connection to the customer has become much easier and more effective. The software offers many possibilities and is very easy to use. Especially for the customers the dial-up procedure is easy. The annual costs for using the software are only worth it because of the savings in travel expenses. In addition, the number of consulting appointments increases.“
Jürgen Schramm

Representative, Representative for Deutsche Vermögensberatung (DVAG) Hermsdorf/Erzgebirge

Innovative Finanzberatung Aktiengesellschaft
„Because we bear the word “innovative” in our company name, we chose the company with the most innovative solution for digital consulting. Thanks to the software, it is no longer decisive whether the customer is sitting directly at a table with us or whether the consultation takes place online. The results are identical. The consultant also benefits considerably from the advantages of the software in numerous ways.“
Thomas Kretter

Head of Sales Controlling & IT Management , Innovative Finanzberatung

GOING PUBLIC Akademie für Finanzberatung AG
„Good financial and insurance consulting and analysis is no longer conceivable without software in the 21st century. What I particularly admire about Bridge’s software, apart from the very appealing and tidy user interface, is the consistently completed digitalized consulting process for the customer. The dynamic adaptation of contents to the individual consultant is possible at any time and the very simple and reliable access to online consulting is only a click away.“
Dr. Wolfgang Kuckertz

Board of Directors, GOING PUBLIC Akademie für Finanzberatung AG

Henkel & Lares=

„Bridge’s extremely flexible and adaptable solutions support our consultants in producing customer-friendly financial reports and ensuring consistently high quality of consulting both online and offline at the customer’s