Mann zeigt die Bridge Online Beratungssoftware auf einem Laptop

Your customer service has never been easier. With Bridge – video consulting+

With Bridge, you can easily conduct your customer consultations digitally. Our consulting software enables interactive product presentations, digital contractual agreements and complete online customer calls – this and more in an all inclusive software package.

Mann zeigt die Bridge Online Beratungssoftware auf einem Laptop

Your customer service has never been easier. With Bridge – video consulting+

With Bridge, you can easily conduct your customer consultations digitally. Our consulting software enables interactive product presentations, digital contractual agreements and complete online customer calls – this and more in an all inclusive software package.

Are you an insurance or financial consultant?

Customer administration, appointment scheduling, creation of consulting guidelines, digital contract signing – all in one software package. Would you like to learn how Bridge significantly increases the efficiency of your sales and advisory processes?

Your advantages with Bridge’s consulting software

All in one software solution

From the administration of your customer data and preparation of your customer appointment to the follow-up and documentation incl. digital signature – you can do everything conveniently in just one solution. digital signature – you can do everything conveniently in just one solution.

Bridge is the all-in-one tool for digital customer communication and online sales.


Work paperless

A paperless office means: no more mailing of printed contracts and documents, no more retyping handwritten notes subsequently and no more heavy folders with customer data and forms.

Bridge combines cloud library, automatic documentation and contract signing with digital signature.


Consultations digital & personal

Your customers wish for personal contact in case of questions and problems, but in a simple and comfortable matter Online consulting via Bridge offers you exactly that.

Above all, you can reach your young target group better via digital channels and win them over with personal, interactive customer communication.


Save travel costs

Are you often on the road to your customers? even for smaller and less important decisions? Not with Bridge!

Every journey to your customer and vice versa costs time, money and stress. With Bridge you can counsel your customers conveniently online. The software offers you an optimal communication platform with video chat, screen sharing and various presentation options.


Customer consultations at any time

You and your customers enjoy the freedom to be at different places during the meeting. With our cloud-based application, you are completely location-independent and always ready for a call, thanks to video telephony & cloud library.

Whether from the comfort of your home or on the road – communicate easily & stress-free online with your customers and keep it 100% personal.


No installation necessary

Other communication tools require the installation of an App on each mobile device on which you want to use it. Not with Bridge! Benefit from our web-based, device-independent solution – no installation required! Your customers don’t have to create an account. Simply start your appointment at any time.

Digital consulting & personal persuasion – with Bridge’s consulting software.


Bridge – Your all in one software package for sales and consulting!

Customer administration

Bridge is a web-based consulting software. That means it works without installation, simply via your browser. So you can use Bridge on your laptop in the office and on the tablet while you are on the road with your customer. Also your customers, who you invite to a digital consultation via Bridge, do not have to install anything in advance and do not need an account with Bridge themselves. All you need to do before the meeting is send an e-mail with the access link to the consultation interface. Your customer's online consultation can start immediately.

Bridge is also cloud-based. This means that all customer data and your documents are stored securely and DSGVO-compliant in the cloud, on German servers. You can access required data and documents from anywhere and at any time.

With Bridge you are always and everywhere ready for your customer appointments.



A laptop and a tablet show the overview page of Bridge's consulting software. To the left is an enlarged section of the software overview page and below it the icons of the browsers Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge.

Bridge Premium

Many functions of a classic CRM system are directly integrated in our consulting software. Use Bridge conveniently for your customer management.
You can clearly store customer data and documents for planned and completed appointments. You can create a "digital file" for each of your customers, with basic data, appointments, contracts and documents. Even entries from forms and interactive slides in our software are transferred to the "digital customer file". Bridge works cloud based, which enables you to access customer data and documents independent of device and location. Thus you always have a 360° view of your customers.


Screen from the consulting software of Bridge. In the foreground is a symbol image for a CRM system. This shows an icon with a user in the middle while icons like a speech bubble and a calendar are arranged in a circle

Bridge Premium

With Bridge you can quickly and easily record and store your customers' data. Bridge also allows you to create interactive forms with the form generator (from Bridge Premium), which you can then send to your customers. Your customer fills out the form digitally and their details are automatically stored in the customer details of our software. Even during a customer meeting with Bridge you can add information and data about your contact person directly in the customer details. All data is securely stored in the cloud and is available to you on all end devices at all times.

Bridge includes - in contrast to other providers - an integrated cloud library. This enables you to store all relevant consulting content and forms for your customer meetings directly in the digital consulting environment. You can access the data and documents in the cloud library at any time, regardless of device or location. You can easily upload your own content or create new customer presentations directly. Our sales-oriented software already contains some basic elements for free use. These include slides for greetings, for recording customer data and for obtaining feedback.


Screen from the cloud library in Bridge's consulting software with icons and a note that you can also create and upload your own content.

The invitation to an online consultation with Bridge can be sent to the participants by e-mail easily. This works directly in our software without the complicated integration of an e-mail client. The automatically generated invitation e-mail contains information about you, your logo, details about your customer and the planned appointment. The e-mail naturally contains the access link to the online consultation, which your customer can use to conveniently access the consultation interface with just one click.


Screenshot of an appointment invitation for an online consultation with the Bridge consulting software

Digital customer service

With Bridge, not only a 1-to-1 video chat between you and your customer is possible, but up to 8 participants can join a video conference.
Even during the ongoing conversation, additional participants can be added to the video chat. For example, you can add a colleague as an expert on a specific topic during the digital consultation. If spouses are not in the same place at the time of the conversation, both can still participate in the appointment. Take maximum account of your customers' needs and offer the best service with our software.

Screen with the welcome slide for an online consultation in the Bridge consulting software. Insurance broker and client communicate via video telephony.

What does screen sharing mean? Simply put, it means that the screen window of one end device is transferred to the screen of another end device. This means that both users see the same content. Use this feature to show your conversation partner content that you can't upload and display in the integrated cloud library in Bridge. For example, you can use screen sharing to fill out interactive PDF forms with your customer or work in MS Office programs. In addition, co-browsing allows you to surf together on any website. By means of screen sharing, you as a discussion leader can make content of any kind visible on your screen for the customer. To ensure the protection of your data, you only release a certain window.

An insurance broker and his client sit in front of your laptops in different places. During the online consultation with Bridge, the customer sees the screen of his advisor.

In Bridge, you direct during the customer meeting and control what your customer sees at any time. You have the possibility to switch functions for your customer on or off (e.g. the drawing function), so your counterpart can only interact with your permission. In your role as a consultant you can also jump unnoticed between presentation slides or spontaneously insert a suitable new slide, look at customer details and add them if necessary.
While you conduct your customer service online with Bridge, you can also use the integrated live text chat in addition to the video chat. Here you can exchange information such as your e-mail address, customer number or web addresses, which can be entered more quickly and conveniently via the text chat. Even in the event of technical problems with the microphone or audio output, you can still communicate via text chat and find solutions to the respective problems faster.

Screen of the Bridge consulting software during an online consultation with a live text chat.

Interactive presentations

Bridge already offers you a variety of ready-made interactive slides on which your customer can make entries independently. The consultation becomes more lively, your counterpart stays on the ball and feels more involved in the conversation. With the form generator in Bridge Premium you can convert specially created forms into interactive slides. That's how digital customer communication works!


Content for your digital customer service can be easily uploaded to Bridge and stored in the cloud library. This means that you can take these files with you anywhere and at any time for product presentations - the formats pdf, jpeg, png and gif are supported.
For each customer you can upload individual documents to Bridge and store them in the customer details. In order to show the contents afterwards, you do not need screen sharing, but simply integrate them into your presentation via Bridge.
Also the sending of documents is possible with Bridge Premium via e-mail without any problems.